It kinda feels personal.
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'It'll be…over soon' he managed.

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"I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be."

—Dita Von Teese (via suspend)
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Celebrities taking part in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS.

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"Don’t make me do something you’ll regret"

—Hook to Rumple (via captaincronut)
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Colin being an adorable cutie on OUAT set (August 19, 2014) (x)

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Stays awake: nothing happens
Sleeps: Hook punches a drunk knave and changes into a sexy leather jacket; the whole fandom freaks out

That’s what it means to be European.


This is what it means to be American too. Cause that was happening at like 3 am EST. I was fully asleep. 

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The signs thoughts:

Aries: I’m better than all of you assholes.

Taurus: I could eat some cake right now.

Gemini: I’m going to pretend I care about what you just said.

Cancer: I need hugs and cookies.

Leo: Fuck u bitch I’m fabulous, bow down to me. 

Virgo: You’re all uncultured swines.

Libra: Stop war hug more.

Scorpio: I tired of your bullshit, I just wanna sleep.

Sagittarius: I wanna fuck your girlfriend.

Capricorn: Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex.

Aquarius: I’m hot and gay.

Pisces: Fuck my life.

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yo;  i'm leo;  
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